About Us

Dino’s Story

DinoPicThe Liar Liar movement was started by Dino Cortopassi. Dino is a 77-year-old lifelong California native who was born in Stockton to hard-working immigrant parents Amerigo and Teresa Cortopassi. After growing up on his parents’ farm, Dino started his own farming career on 60 acres of rented land using borrowed farm equipment. Dino followed his parents hard-working example and, over the years, eventually became quite successful at farming and then food processing.

Dino and his wife Joan have been married for more than 50 years. They have four children and 10 grandchildren. Now retired, Dino and Joan are concerned for the financial future of their grandchildren’s generation. That is why Dino and Joan are paying for all Liar Liar materials, including this video, from their own tax-paid savings.

Our mission is to educate our friends, families and co-workers about California’s huge and growing debt crisis and what they can do to help fix this problem. The facts and figures on this website come directly from the State of California and expose fiscal mismanagement by our elected leaders.